the zonta club of brisbane breakfast presents

zonta birthing kits

project 2016

no mother should die while giving life


The birthing kit holds supplies to meet the seven basic requirements for a clean birth and potentially saves the life of a mother and baby in a rural or remote community.

Clean birth site - A plastic sheet prevents mother & baby coming into contact with the floor or ground.

Clean hands - Soap and gloves prevent the birth attendant transmitting germs to the mother and baby.

Clean eyes - Gauze is used to wipe away birth canal secretions from the eyes, which reduces the risk of eye infection.

Clean umbilical cord - Using a sterile scalpel blade and clean ties reduces the risk of infection.

Clean cut - The sterile scalpel blade provides a clean cut of the umbilical cord and reduces incidents of infection caused by using other implements.

Clean ties - Clean ties prevent bleeding from the umbilical cord.

Clean perineum - Gauze is used to wipe away birth secretions from the mothers perineum.

 - Sheet -

  - Soap - 

 - Gloves -

- Cord -

- Scalpel -

- Gauze -

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volunteer to assemble 12,000 kits in 2016 or if you can't make assembly day on 13 august 2016, purchase raffle kits, buy birthing kits or make a donation!